UCSB Majors & Personality Tests

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Eventually, we will all have to pick a major for college. I found that personality websites and talking with UCSB Academic Advising helped guide me into a narrow field of majors. Below are a list of websites that can potentially narrow down your ideas for a future career or major. Take some time to explore these and see if you get matched with anything you potentially find interesting!! Happy hunting!

Career Quiz: Personality Test

Major Quiz

College Major Quiz by Innate

UCSB Majors

UCSB is such a beautiful, amazing school to attend, however when I was going through the application process, I recognized they didn’t offer the typical ‘business’ or ‘marketing’ majors. They instead suggests that you take the communication or mathematics route as a major. Below is a list of UCSB undergraduate majors to explore!

UCSB Major List

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