Today As An Undeclared Major

As my second quarter at UCSB approaches… I am still very lost in terms of finding a major. I came into UCSB thinking I might be interested in Psychology & Brain Science, but after taking Psych 1 (Intro to Psych), I’m still unsure. I plan on exploring other options such as communications and sociology.

Although it seems like a breeze, there are some obstacles I’ve encountered as a undeclared major. During my UCSB class pass times, I was not able to take some classes, such as communications because it was reserved for just pre-communication majors to sign up for. So I guess I’m stuck…because what classes can an undeclared major even take if I don’t have a major! Until then..I’ll stay in my dance history & appreciation class!

As for now.. I remain undeclared, that is until I receive an email next year saying I “HAVE” to declare a major to graduate. But in reality, maybe I should just stay undeclared to stick around in Santa Barbara longer than the four years… 🙂

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