Life As An Undeclared Major…

When you are applying to college the big question is, “what should I major in?” Being only seventeen years old, a lot of people didn’t have it figured out and I most definitely did not! So…I decided to go undeclared. If you are a undeclared major, do not worry you aren’t alone!! There are so many options and it’s hard to narrow it down so early.

I’m here to reassure you, it’s truly okay to feel confused and unknown of the future. As High School Musical once said, “We are all in this together” 🙂

As we embark on this new journey of college, we have to stay optimistic and eager to learn all we can academically and socially. I have full confidence in myself and you that we will work my hardest at my future school and pursue a program that we will be passionate about for a lifetime!

Undeclared Freshmen: When Should You Pick a Major? |